We are a Swedish company that offer opportunities to earn some extra money.

And we have been in the business since 2013.


Between product launches, "gurus,"pretend gurus, vampires, and outright liars, it is hard to know who has your best interest in mind.

We are as real, and honest as you are going to get!


*We actually care about people.

*We WANT YOU to have success.

*We WILL give YOU the truth.

As you go through the emails that we send you, you will be inspired, educated, and empowered!

We are here to help you sort through all of the BS, so you can simply find what works and what makes you Monie (yes, its spelled incorrect...but its means the same thing :)!

You will learn the exact strategies that we are using to generate leads, build teams, and making monie from the internet.


If you dont want to build teams, we have THE BEST ways for you to generate monie, WITHOUT sponsoring or selling ANYTHING!

Yes, Passive Monie! We can help you do that because we have SYSTEMS in place that we LOVE to share with Our Team!

We ONLY share things that we use, and have had results with PERIOD.

There really is no use sharing anything else with you, as it is just a complete waste of your time!

Thats why we dont sent a lot of emails we ONLY send emails when its something REALLY special!

Our goal is always to entertain, train, and inspire...So, you will only hear from us when we have something VALUABLE to share!


We will NOT bombard you with ANY junk!




Bergsvagen 5, 82078 Hassela, Sweden


Phone: +46703732658


Skype: per.anders.sjogren

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